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ножи csgo|Животные в доме. Блог Ольги Елиокумс
Производство ульев в Калуге , строительство коттеджей в Калуге , ремонт стиральных машин бош вао , проститутки спб автово
Bleaching of a teeth dangerously for a leather and eyes
  «+=схыштрэшх teeth dangerously for a leather and
on April, 16th 2009
Some kinds of procedures of bleaching of a teeth can represent danger to eyes and leather

Akupunktura does not render influence on EKO
on April, 16th 2009
Fruitless women, who spend the decent sums of money and not not enough time for acupuncture to become pregnant, do not do anything especial and useful to increase an opportunity of pregnancy

Diabetes worsens memory and functions of a brain
on April, 16th 2009
Sharp decrease in sugar in blood of the person can weaken substantially function of memory, and also affect exchange processes in an organism

Medical calendar for today
Joseph Blek Was born
Joseph Blek (1728-1799) Was born; the Scottish doctor, the chemist and the physicist. He suffered frustration of digestion and, having received medical education, has resolutely undertaken own illness.

Hans Sloan Was born
Hans Sloan (1660-1753) Was born; the British doctor and the naturalist, baronet. Its assembly of books and manuscripts has begun a collection of the British museum in London.

Nile Filatov Was born
Nile Filatov (1847-1902) Was born; Russian doctor, the founder of Russian pediatric school. Special medical education Filatov has received in Moskovsk university. A degree of the doctor of medicine has received in 1876 for the dissertation the attitude of a bronchitis to sharp kataralnoj, and in a year a rank of the приват-senior lecturer of children's illnesses.

New clauses
Atopichesky dermatit: questions and answers
on March, 20th 2009
allergic illnesses are Most widespread at children's age. According to the epidemiological researches spent in various regions of the Russian Federation, them suffer from 10 up to 15 % of children. Startovo skin forms allergopatologii

Antitobacco campaign
on February, 13th 2009
Tabakokurenie has already got a format of the global epidemic which have captured all world. It everywhere mentions more than billion people, it is more and more involving children and women in many countries of the world. Now because of versatile fatal influence of smoking of four million person annually dies.

the Pernicious smoke: only the facts
on December, 11th 2008
Thin strujki tobacco neznakomka with became a symbol of unearthly beauty for one hero from old film. Probably, from the screen process of smoking looks very aesthetically, but in a life he can lead to very unpleasant consequences.

Smoking and sexual dysfunction
on December, 10th 2008
we Shall begin with trifles: hair and clothes at smokers and the people who are being their environment, become impregnated with a smoke and unpleasantly eyes slezjatsja smell, even at passive smoking cough, a cold, a headache can begin.

Passive smoking
on December, 9th 2008
Non-smoking person who has appeared in the company it is active fans of tobacco, associates both for fun, and seriously name. But whether it was necessary to you to reflect, that actually disappears behind a word-combination   ?

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